CREA is located downtown in the historical part of Valencia in our own 1000 m2 premises near the Cathedral and the City Hall. Due to this pleasant environment provided by both the location and the clinic, patients feel as comfortable as if they were at home. We study each infertility case separately by means of advanced techniques in order to provide the best solution for our patients.

The clinic is equipped with a recently expanded brand new extension, where our clients will find themselves in a warm and cosy environment right from the start. This new clinic extention provides the centre with additional consulting rooms, operating theatres and recovery areas, en-suite patient´s rooms, a state of the art embryology laboratory as well as andrology and hormone laboratories. A second waiting room and administrative area enhances patient comfort and improves discretion and confidentiality. One of the most innovative concepts of the new design is the conference room which, with its sliding doors, can hold small meetings or host larger lectures.

The embryology lab at CREA is possibly one of the most advanced in Europe, and is set up with the safest and most modern technology. CREA´s state of the art embryology laboratory is located within the clinic’s two operating theatre areas, where reproductive surgery and all the processes related to gamete fertilization and embryo culture take place. These tasks are performed in specially designed incubators which allow cultures to develop under controlled hypoxia. As well as the recovery area next to these operating theatres, the clinic is equipped with en-suit rooms where patients check in before surgery and where they can rest afterwards.

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