Quality guarantee

  • Exclusively designed holding tanks with self supplying liquid nitrogen covered by remote control alarm systems.
  • High security freezing straws with an exclusive coding system 
  • ISO 9001     UNE 179007 (Specific for reproductive laboratories)
  • Quality Management System control of all our procedures
  • Total traceability of all samples and procedures
  • Sample processing through the exclusive use of materials and culture mediums certified under the CE marking for specific use in human cell cryopreservation

  • Audited by Spanish Health Authority in compliance with European directives and standards.
  • More than 25 years of experience. More than 40 professionals.
  • Continuous training program for all our professionals.
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Participation in the official Assisted Reproduction Activities Registry
  • We belong to ANACER (Spanish Association of Reproductive Centers), ESHRE, ASRM, ASEBIR, SEF, ASESA…..

The CREA MEDICAL CENTRE FOR ASSISTED REPRODUCTION has grown to currently become a reference point in reproductive medicine. Led by professionals who have been pioneers in this field since 1988, it offers the best outcome in infertility treatment through the most updated techniques.

The key to success is to carry out just the right diagnosis through a complete study of both members of the couple, thereby enabling us to perform the most suitable, simple and effective treatment in each case.

The dedicated team involved has constantly been developing and committing themselves to excellence in care quality. This is shown by us being the first embryo laboratory to obtain the ISO 9001 quality certificate in Spain, as well as us being the founding member of The ANACER Group (National Association of Assisted Reproduction Clinics).

We also volunteered to be audited by one of the most prestigious international firms which was performed by Doctor David Mortimer, president of Oozoa Biomedical Inc, thereby demonstrating CREA’s world-class excellence. Oozoa Biomedical have carried out a full quality control of our assisted reproduction laboratories.

All of our products, from the equipment to the interchangeable material (including culture media), are specifically certified to be used for human embryo culture and are endorsed by the European CE Marking.

We also guarantee full traceability in all of our processes. The techniques and procedures are meticulously laid down in our protocol logs.

Safety is one of our primary goals. Our insistence on detail may even be considered to be a bit exaggerated, but this is what makes us different from other less strict laboratories.

Our clinic is always looking for excellence, and excellence implies both pursuing the best results in pregnancy rates, as well as offering high quality care to our patients together with making them feel as comfortable as possible during their stay at CREA.

The embryology lab at CREA is possibly one of the most advanced in Europe, and is set up with the safest and most modern technology.

The environmental conditions of our laboratories and incubators are carefully supervised to guarantee perfect conditions for the development of the embryo. We work in complete accordance with the new European quality regulation and air purity requirements. We are in possession of automated alarms and warning systems to prevent any risks. Therefore, we are able to provide high quality performance in all stages of the procedures.

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